Does COVID-19 Impact Mortality in Patients with Multiple Myeloma?

Patients with multiple myeloma who are hospitalized with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) have an increased risk of dying, according to a study published in Blood Cancer Journal. 

Researchers investigated 167 patients with MM with COVID-19 from 73 hospitals and compared outcomes with 167 randomized age- and sex-matched patients without cancer with COVID-19 who were admitted at six participating hospitals. Among both the MM and non-cancer cohorts, median age was 71 years, and 57% of patients were male. The researchers noted that 75% of patients with MM, and 77% of patients without cancer had at least one comorbidity.

According to the results, COVID-19 clinical severity was moderate to severe in 77% of patients with MM and 89% of patients without cancer and critical in 8% and 4% of patients, respectively. The researchers noted that supplemental oxygen was required by 47% and 55% patients, respectively, and 21% and 9% versus 8% and 6% required non-invasive/invasive ventilation.

Furthermore, the results showed inpatient mortality was 34% in patients with MM and 23% in patients without cancer. The researchers noted that among patients with MM, inpatient mortality was 41% in men, 42% in patients aged >65 years, 49% in patients with active/progressive MM at hospitalization, and 59% in patients with comorbid renal disease at hospitalization.

“This case series demonstrates the increased risk and identifies predictors of inpatient mortality among [patients with] MM hospitalized with COVID-19,” the researchers concluded.