Physical Activity Programs Benefit Patients with Multiple Myeloma

Patients with multiple myeloma (MM) can benefit from accessible, low-cost exercise programs to increase their physical activity (PA), according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. 

PA can often alleviate disease symptoms in patients with MM; however, most people with MM are insufficiently active.

In this study, researchers evaluated PA among patients with MM and assessed differences in treatment stage, symptoms and demographics, and programming preferences. They surveyed 126 patients with MM and had a 77% response rate.

The results of the survey showed that pre-diagnosis, more than 25% of patients with MM were sufficiently active, while only 12% remained active following cancer treatment. The researchers found that respondents who were physically active pre-diagnosis were 46.7 times (95% confidence interval, 2.03-1,072.1) more likely to meet PA guidelines following an MM diagnosis juxtaposed to individuals not meeting guidelines pre-diagnosis. Moreover, the researchers observed that MM symptoms and receiving PA advice from healthcare professions were not correlated with meeting PA guidelines.

More than half (55%) of patients with MM reported being interested in exercise programs that are low-cost (77%), offered at flexible times (74%), and at locations close to home (69%), both during active treatment and remission (57%) and supervised by an exercise oncology specialist (48%), the researchers noted.

“People with MM, particularly those insufficiently active prior to diagnosis, should be offered convenient, low-cost exercise programs supervised by an exercise oncology specialist to increase PA participation,” the researchers concluded.