Lorna WarwickLymphoma | July 3, 2024
Lorna Warwick discusses how nurses can connect patients with resources from the coalition and its member organizations.
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Lorna WarwickConferences | July 1, 2024
Lorna Warwick, CEO of Lymphoma Coalition, discusses how nurses can strengthen bonds with patients through communication.
Salomon Manier, MD, PhDConferences | July 10, 2024
An expert shares his insights on the challenges and practical considerations that come with bispecific antibody treatment.
Erik Aerts, RNConferences | June 27, 2024
Erik Aerts, RN, and Mairéad Ní Chonghaile, RGN, BNS, MSc, discuss the congress and the resources HNHCP offers for nurses.
Mairéad Ní Chonghaile, RGN, BNS, MScConferences | June 27, 2024
Mairéad Ní Chonghaile, RGN, BNS, MSc, speaks about the importance of staying current on the latest updates in the field.
Erik Aerts, RNConferences | June 27, 2024
Erik Aerts, RN, shares why it was critical for nurses to attend the EHA 2024 Congress in Madrid, Spain.
Guillermo Garcia-Manero, MDMyelodysplastic Syndrome | June 26, 2024
National Cancer Survivors Month is marked in June each year.
Lorna WarwickConferences | June 26, 2024
Lorna Warwick discusses the important role that nurses serve in ensuring patients receive care and information.
Christophe Willekens, MDConferences | July 8, 2024
Hear expert insights on managing treatment for these patients and the key signs and symptoms to monitor.
Valeria Santini, MDConferences | June 21, 2024
Valeria Santini, MD, shares her insights during the European Hematology Association 2024 Congress.
Raajit Rampal, MD, PhDConferences | June 18, 2024
An MPN program director discusses the key elements that oncology nurses should keep in mind when observing these patients.
Lorna WarwickConferences | June 15, 2024
Ms. Warwick discusses what nurses should know about results from the coalition's global patient survey.
Martha Raymond, MAConferences | June 26, 2024
Martha Raymond, MA, highlights the patient advocacy networking and learning opportunities available at the conference.
Gretchen McNally, PhD, ANP-BC, AOCNPConferences | June 5, 2024
It’s important for oncology nurses to be aware of substance use disorders and know how to provide support and resources.
Kate O’Connell, RGN, BScConferences | June 4, 2024
Kate O’Connell, RGN, BSc, of Cork University Hospital, shares her experience attending and presenting research.
Fatemeh Youssefi, PhD, RN, OCNGI Cancer | May 30, 2024
It’s critical to consider the patient’s life, experiences, and preferences in a holistic sense.
Christina Matousek, MSN, RN, OCNConferences | May 20, 2024
The 9-month program begins with 6 months of rotations through different areas of ambulatory oncology.
Cancer Nursing Today EditorsConferences | May 16, 2024
The theme of this year’s meeting, “Ignite the Extraordinary,” inspired many attendees.
Fatemeh Youssefi, PhD, RN, OCNGI Cancer | May 13, 2024
Fatemeh Youssefi, PhD, RN, OCN, discusses how oncology nurses can promote health literacy regarding GI cancers.
Fatemeh Youssefi, PhD, RN, OCNGI Cancer | May 10, 2024
Learn how oncology nurses can provide support and resources when body image concerns arise in patients with GI cancer.