About Cancer Nursing Today


Cancer Nursing Today (CNT) delivers critical news and information to support oncology nurses throughout their education and careers, with the goal of advancing oncology treatments and care and promoting the nurse’s role in enhanced patient outcomes and quality of life.


Cancer Nursing Today (CNT) is a robust digital platform providing current, nursing-specific oncology news. CNT understands the leadership role nurses have on multidisciplinary teams. The platform harnesses that knowledge to curate cutting-edge cancer research, conference proceedings, practice updates, and published literature. In addition to its powerful website, CNT leverages e-newsletters and social media to highlight the best content from key opinion leaders in the field, keeping oncology nurses informed of best practices to improve patient outcomes.


The Cancer Nursing Today logo was intentionally designed to represent the 4 pillars of oncology nursing: Care, Community, Information, and Quality of Life. Within those 4 pillars is an inner circle that represents the focal point, our patients. The inner circle connects with an outer circle symbolizing oncology nurses, who are able to skillfully balance the 4 pillars while providing the best possible patient care.


Editorial Director

Kerri Fitzgerald, [email protected]

Senior Editor

Cecilia Brown, [email protected]

Senior Art Director

Ari Mihos, [email protected]