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Dustin SamplesNews | February 2, 2023
Critical care nurses reported common challenges in end-of-life care. What are they and can they be addressed?
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Dustin SamplesPatient Voice | February 2, 2023
Even with a large discrepancy between patients and providers, patients were satisfied with their level of disease knowledge.
Dustin SamplesPatient Voice | January 31, 2023
Black and African American cancer survivors tend not to get enough physical activity. What are the causes and solutions?
Dustin SamplesTreatment | January 31, 2023
Cachexia can cause patients to discontinue cancer treatment. Can improving taste and smell ameliorate the weight loss?
Dustin SamplesGI Cancer | January 31, 2023
Aspiration pneumonia is a severe complication in patients undergoing esophageal cancer treatment. Can it be addressed?
Dustin SamplesPatient Voice | January 24, 2023
One study identified 3 domains of sexual quality of life that patients with cancer tend to grapple with.
Dustin SamplesNews | January 24, 2023
Most studies focus on either clinician or patient/caregiver reports, but is it better to consider input from all involved?
Dustin SamplesBreast Cancer | January 24, 2023
Women with breast cancer who had lower perceptions of their cognitive abilities tended to have more anxiety or depression.
Dustin SamplesSickle Cell | January 24, 2023
Glutamine is FDA approved for the treatment of acute symptoms of sickle cell disease. Why isn’t medication adherence ...
Dustin SamplesLeukemia | January 17, 2023
Adolescents and young adults face different challenges than older survivors of ALL. Can technology improve these challenges?