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Lauren BentivegnaGVHD | October 17, 2023
Double-positive T cells showed a definitive link to GVHD in this study.
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Lauren BentivegnaGVHD | October 17, 2023
Patients tested before BOS diagnosis had more nasal inflammation and a significantly greater decline in FEV.
Lauren BentivegnaGI Cancer | May 4, 2023
The stainless steel "nano-seed" is implanted directly into the tumor and continuously releases an immunotherapeutic agent.
Lauren BentivegnaGU Cancer | April 20, 2023
Avelumab combined with current best supportive care improves progression-free and overall survival in patients with mUC.
Lauren BentivegnaGU Cancer | March 10, 2023
Though it takes longer, robotic-assisted radical cystectomy leads to fewer transfusions and less blood loss.