GVHD Alliance: Awareness and Support Website for Patients

By Dustin Samples - May 11, 2023

Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) is one of the most serious and common adverse events after stem-cell transplantation. While treatable, patients who develop GVHD can face a protracted battle on the way to healing.

If you’re caring for one or more patients with GVHD, you should be aware of the GHVD Alliance, a partnership among several societies, foundations, and networks aiming to serve the GVHD community.

The GVHD Alliance website offers a simple description of the 2 types of GVHD—acute and chronic— and lists some symptoms and differences. It also features a brief enumeration of the areas in which GVHD can affect your daily life. However, the real wealth of the site is the resources section.

Users can search by specific topics which are divided into 2 categories, “General GVHD Topics” and “GVHD Symptoms.” In the topics category, users can find a doctor, emotional support groups, events and other advocacy groups, information on living with the disease, and learn about the latest GVHD research. There are also resources in Spanish. In the symptoms section, patients can search for information on each GVHD presentation, such as cutaneous, oral, and ocular GVHD.

While many resources are available for patients with GVHD, it can be helpful to have a specific recommendation from a trusted care team member. Whether you suggest the GVHD Alliance or another GVHD group, it is a great idea to be familiar with one site and its contents.


GVHD Alliance