Amanda Brink, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, AOCNPGyn-Onc | April 9, 2024
Oncology nurses play a pivotal role in educating patients about these treatment options and ensuring informed decisions.
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Cecilia BrownGyn-Onc | March 29, 2024
The conversion to full approval is based on data from the confirmatory MIRASOL trial.
Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNBest Practices | January 30, 2024
Learn how oncology nurses can be leaders in building oncofertility conversations and programs.
Chemtai Mungo, MD, MPH, FACOGGyn-Onc | January 29, 2024
January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, which makes it an ideal time to discuss prevention and screening with patients.
Cecilia BrownGyn-Onc | January 17, 2024
Radiotherapy, including external beam radiation and brachytherapy, is a “commonly used” treatment option for cervical ...
Cecilia BrownGyn-Onc | January 3, 2024
More than 11,100 cases of cervical cancer caused by HPV are diagnosed in the United States each year.
Cecilia BrownGyn-Onc | January 1, 2024
Researchers said providers should know about the sexual health issues that patients with gynecological cancer may face.
Cecilia BrownGyn-Onc | December 29, 2023
Previous research has shown that participation in cancer screening is low in people with severe mental illnesses.
Cecilia BrownGyn-Onc | December 27, 2023
Researchers conducted the study because obesity is a “known risk factor for many types of cancer.”
Cancer Nursing Today EditorsGyn-Onc | September 22, 2023
Most clinicians reported reduced cervical cancer screening early in the pandemic, and 28% reported a continued reduction.
Olivia ThomasGyn-Onc | August 24, 2023
Health care providers should seek ways to improve patients' social support to reduce the impact of anxiety on patients' QoL.
Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNGyn-Onc | July 25, 2023
The 2-hour, Zoom-based intervention improved confidence about vaccination, and confidence remained high at 1-month follow-up.
Teresa CroninConferences | July 12, 2023
Teresa Cronin of Eisai discusses the new "Spot Her" initiative for endometrial cancer awareness and screening.
Dustin SamplesGyn-Onc | February 10, 2023
Malignant bowel obstruction is a severe condition leading to multiple hospitalizations. Can quality of life be maintained?
Dustin SamplesGyn-Onc | January 12, 2023
Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women. Screening and vaccination are essential to keep yourself healthy.
Dustin SamplesPatient Voice | January 9, 2023
Video games are fun, but can a new 'serious game' help women with breast or gynecologic cancer self-advocate?
Emily MenendezTreatment | January 3, 2023
Reduced auditory function is common with taxane- and platinum-based treatments. Here's how you can help your patients.
Emily MenendezTreatment | December 28, 2022
The reference database used for testing in these patients lacks necessary diversity. Can more accurate tests be performed?
Dustin SamplesGyn-Onc | December 28, 2022
Multinational research found that ovarian cancer survival increased but that type of ovarian cancer shifted over study span.
Leah LawrenceGyn-Onc | December 13, 2022
Black women are less likely to experience cervical ADC, but they are most likely to die from it. What causes the disparity?