Patient Voice
Patient Voice
Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNNews | March 16, 2023
LGBTQ+ patients are at higher risk for several cancers because of low rates of cancer screening.
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Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNNews | March 16, 2023
Caregivers have to make difficult health decisions for their loved ones at EOL, but a monitoring system may ease this burden.
Kiara St. JamesPatient Voice | February 23, 2023
Even as a life-long advocate for others, it took a cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy to teach Kiara to advocate for herself.
Dustin SamplesPatient Voice | February 2, 2023
Even with a large discrepancy between patients and providers, patients were satisfied with their level of disease knowledge.
Dustin SamplesPatient Voice | January 31, 2023
Black and African American cancer survivors tend not to get enough physical activity. What are the causes and solutions?
Dustin SamplesPatient Voice | January 24, 2023
One study identified 3 domains of sexual quality of life that patients with cancer tend to grapple with.
Dustin SamplesNews | January 24, 2023
Most studies focus on either clinician or patient/caregiver reports, but is it better to consider input from all involved?
Leah LawrenceTreatment | January 10, 2023
Prognostic understanding is essential to medical decision-making, but are these patients' hopes too high?
Dustin SamplesPatient Voice | January 9, 2023
Video games are fun, but can a new 'serious game' help women with breast or gynecologic cancer self-advocate?
Dustin SamplesNews | January 5, 2023
Battle and war metaphors are common in the cancer experience. But do they help or hurt?
Leah LawrencePatient Voice | November 1, 2022
There was a higher likelihood of having FH among racial/ethnic minority patients and those who were unemployed/disabled.
Leah LawrencePatient Voice | October 5, 2022
A sexual health eLearning resource aided in health care professional-led sexual support for patients.
Leah LawrencePatient Voice | September 10, 2022
Most adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with advanced cancer would prefer to die at home, but some opt for a hospital death.
Leah LawrencePatient Voice | September 10, 2022
An intervention increased conversations about falls in geriatric cancer patients and in patients with a history of falling.
Emily MenendezPatient Voice | September 9, 2022
Modifiable risk factors can potentially cause the worsening of already diagnosed cancers, or can be the cause of diagnosis.
Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNPatient Voice | September 9, 2022
Oncology nurses should identify strategies to promote healthy behaviors among all individuals with a history of cancer.
Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNPatient Voice | September 9, 2022
For patients with quality of life and anxiety needs, social media interventions are an accessible way to promote well-being.
Leah LawrencePatient Voice | September 6, 2022
Decreased activity in smoking cessation remained low for over a year, indicating a need for health care workers to assist.
Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNPatient Voice | September 1, 2022
Radiology reports can be difficult for patients to understand, leading to questions and need for clarification.
Leah LawrencePatient Voice | August 29, 2022
A nurse-led geriatric assessment model was a feasible way to integrate geriatric assessments into routine oncologic care.