Patient Voice
Patient Voice
Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNBest Practices | April 17, 2024
Oncology nurses can be key team players when a child is providing caregiving for a parent with cancer.
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Cecilia BrownConferences | April 15, 2024
Researchers identified 5 common concerns that parents with cancer had for their coparent.
Cecilia BrownGI Cancer | April 11, 2024
Researchers studied the impact of using the explain‑simulate‑practice‑communication‑support model of nursing.
Cecilia BrownConferences | April 10, 2024
Most patients with cancer and their caregivers exerpeienced at least 1 issue that impacted their work and productivity.
Cecilia BrownConferences | April 5, 2024
There is a “lack of consistency” among patient-reported outcome measures used to evaluate CML treatments.
Cecilia BrownConferences | April 9, 2024
It was important to develop the model because fatigue has been an "overlooked side effect" due to its "subjective nature."
Beth Faiman, PhD, MSN, APN-BC, AOCN®, BMTCN®, FAAN, FAPOMultiple Myeloma | April 4, 2024
Learn how to ask informed questions, connect patients with resources, and support shared-decision making.
Cecilia BrownConferences | March 22, 2024
Amivantamab plus chemotherapy “significantly prolonged time to symptomatic progression” compared with chemotherapy alone.
Jeannine M. Brant, PhD, APRN, AOCN, FAANBest Practices | March 19, 2024
Jeannine M. Brant, PhD, APRN, AOCN, FAAN, discusses disparities in access to oncology nurse navigation services.
Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNPatient Voice | March 22, 2024
As a patient’s care team complexity increased, their perceptions of team effectiveness decreased.
Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNBest Practices | March 22, 2024
About 1 out of 5 individuals with cancer also have dementia, complicating their diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship care.
Cecilia BrownConferences | March 15, 2024
The survey assessed how testicular cancer impacted fertility, socioeconomic status, and sexual health in young survivors.
Fatemeh Youssefi, PhD, RN, OCNPatient Voice | March 14, 2024
It's important to understand a patient's health practices, rituals, and goals without forming assumptions or biases.
Cecilia BrownConferences | March 28, 2024
Researchers found that patients within a certain age group were least likely to receive a timely imaging study.
Cecilia BrownMultiple Myeloma | March 12, 2024
A new study shows why it's critical to assess patients for financial and time toxicity.
Cecilia BrownHematology & Blood Cancer | April 16, 2024
Educational content focused on the pre-HSCT work-up process, chemotherapy, and transplant admission expectations.
Cecilia BrownHematology & Blood Cancer | March 6, 2024
Nurses reported that they were “keenly aware of how disruptive the environment is for patients and their families."
Cecilia BrownMultiple Myeloma | March 13, 2024
Learn how a team implemented professional interpretation services in an interactive, virtual pre-HSCT nutrition class.
Cecilia BrownPatient Voice | March 4, 2024
The researchers said the study is the first to evaluate sexual health outcomes after CAR-T in young adults.
Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNBest Practices | February 16, 2024
Oncology nurses’ knowledge and comfort in discussing prehabilitation with patients is essential for timely referrals.