Teresa Hagan Thomas, PhD, RNBest Practices | March 22, 2023
If a patient requested medical aid in dying, would you know what to say? These tips will help you navigate this situation.
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Lauren BentivegnaGU Cancer | March 10, 2023
Though it takes longer, robotic-assisted radical cystectomy leads to fewer transfusions and less blood loss.
Dustin SamplesGI Cancer | February 15, 2023
A 5-theme program improved compliance with oral nutritional supplements after gastrectomy. What were the themes?
Dustin SamplesNews | February 15, 2023
Financial toxicity is a major burden of cancer care. How do young adults and adolescents address it?
Dustin SamplesBreast Cancer | February 15, 2023
The treatment group demonstrated increased quality of life, but did acupuncture affect myelosuppression?
Dustin SamplesTreatment | February 10, 2023
Not only did time-to-replacement drop, but also fewer arrythmias occurred. What steps were involved?
Dustin SamplesTreatment | February 8, 2023
Turmeric is a controversial subject in cancer treatment. However, one study showed great results for oral mucositis.
Dustin SamplesNews | February 8, 2023
Therapy focused on finding meaning in life improved 2 major psychological distresses in patients with advanced cancer.
Dustin SamplesNews | February 2, 2023
Critical care nurses reported common challenges in end-of-life care. What are they and can they be addressed?
Dustin SamplesTreatment | January 31, 2023
Cachexia can cause patients to discontinue cancer treatment. Can improving taste and smell ameliorate the weight loss?
Dustin SamplesNews | January 24, 2023
Most studies focus on either clinician or patient/caregiver reports, but is it better to consider input from all involved?
Dustin SamplesSickle Cell | January 24, 2023
Glutamine is FDA approved for the treatment of acute symptoms of sickle cell disease. Why isn’t medication adherence ...
Leah LawrenceNews | January 18, 2023
APPs are legally allowed to prescribe and consult in these cases, but how many actually feel empowered to do so?
Dustin SamplesGI Cancer | January 17, 2023
Does the research on late-stage pancreatic cancer support avoiding systemic treatment in favor of other concerns?
Leah LawrenceTreatment | January 10, 2023
A recently approved TIW schedule provides new option for patients with ALL or LBL receiving asparaginase.
Leah LawrenceTreatment | January 10, 2023
Prognostic understanding is essential to medical decision-making, but are these patients' hopes too high?
Leah LawrenceNews | January 10, 2023
Cancer self-management apps are widely used, but do they provide enough information?
Dustin SamplesNews | January 9, 2023
Physical health, emotional well-being, pain: all are affected by financial hardship, reports a new descriptive analysis.
Dustin SamplesHematology & Blood Cancer | January 6, 2023
Interprofessional team-based care is the standard for patients undergoing HSCT. But who belongs on the team?
Dustin SamplesTreatment | January 5, 2023
Nausea and vomiting are major problems for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Can a simple root provide relief?