Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer
Cecilia BrownNews | February 7, 2024
Psychosocial care and support are critical parts of cancer care, according to the International Psycho-Oncology Society.
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Cecilia BrownSkin Cancer | February 14, 2024
AI could play a role in providing timely access to the diagnosis of skin cancer.
Cecilia BrownSkin Cancer | January 16, 2024
Cutaneous malignant melanoma is one of the “most aggressive and fatal forms” of skin malignancy.
Elaine S. DeMeyer, RN, MSN, AOCN®, BMTCN®Best Practices | May 9, 2023
These tips will help you and your patients stay healthy and enjoying many more years of sunshine.
Emily MenendezTreatment | December 28, 2022
The reference database used for testing in these patients lacks necessary diversity. Can more accurate tests be performed?
Emily MenendezSkin Cancer | November 17, 2023
Can a topical gel remove skin cancer? Investigators at King's College Hospital think so.
Leah LawrenceSkin Cancer | November 17, 2023
Records from the SEER database show two distinct periods of reduction coinciding with emergence of new therapies.
Emily MenendezOther Tumor Types | November 21, 2023
The smoothened protein-which acts as a cell communication system-blocks a signaling enzyme called the PKA catalytic subunit.
Leah LawrenceSkin Cancer | November 20, 2023
MELCARE, a nurse-led survivorship program for metastatic melanoma, is shown to have high levels of acceptability and utility.
HealthDay EditorsSkin Cancer | June 10, 2021
Barriers to health care access are associated with increased odds of not having an annual physician skin examination.
HealthDay EditorsSkin Cancer | December 28, 2022
A new survey reveals that one-third of Americans lack a basic understanding of sun safety and skin cancer. That is the ...
HealthDay EditorsSkin Cancer | April 15, 2021
Higher exposure to thiazides is associated with increased rates of incident keratinocyte carcinoma and melanoma.
Kaitlyn D’OnofrioSkin Cancer | December 28, 2022
A new study found that face-aging apps may increase skin cancer protection behavior among adolescents, thereby reducing their ...
Kaitlyn D’OnofrioSkin Cancer | November 16, 2023
Researchers explored the association between sexual orientation and gender identity and lifetime skin cancer prevalence.