Other Tumor Types
Other Tumor Types
Emily MenendezOther Tumor Types | January 3, 2023
Most men with prostate cancer report that active surveillance improves anxiety and quality of life, but not all.
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Emily MenendezTreatment | December 22, 2022
A new cancer drug can halt disease progression and has a low rate of toxicity, giving hope to those with RET gene mutations.
Emily MenendezOther Tumor Types | December 19, 2022
The combination of chemo- and radiotherapy can cause oral mucositis. Luckily a remedy may be in the fridge.
Emily MenendezOther Tumor Types | November 28, 2022
The smoothened protein-which acts as a cell communication system-blocks a signaling enzyme called the PKA catalytic subunit.
Leah LawrenceOther Tumor Types | August 9, 2022
Topical use of aloe vera gel significantly reduced radiation-induced skin toxicities in head and neck cancer patients.
Robert DillardOther Tumor Types | June 24, 2020
Scientists at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital have created orthotopic patient-derived xenograft (O-PDX) models ...
Robert DillardOther Tumor Types | June 17, 2020
New data show patients with thoracic cancers who were infected by SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) suffered a high rate of 33%. The ...
Kaitlyn D’OnofrioOther Tumor Types | February 26, 2020
According to a new study, patients with high-grade glioma (HGG) who undergo routine surveillance do not have better survival ...